High-protein ketogenic diet (HPKD): This version of the keto diet is often followed by folks who want to preserve their muscle mass like bodybuilders and older people. Rather than protein making up 20 percent of the diet, here it’s 30 percent. Meanwhile, fat goes down to 65 percent of the diet and carbs stay at 5 percent. (Caution: folks with kidney issues shouldn’t up their protein too much.)
Este plan de alimentación intenta ofrecer una idea general de la dieta cetogénica sin embargo los requerimientos calóricos de cada persona son diferentes.  Este plan de alimentación está diseñado para ser una dieta alta en grasas buenas, con proteínas moderadas y baja en carbohidratos (20 gramos netos).  Pero si quieres saber más a detalle cómo calcular tus requerimientos calóricos y macronutrientes, es fácil utilizar la calculadora de macros para conocer tus requerimientos calóricos y de macronutrientes.
Certain studies suggest that keto diets may “starve” cancer cells. A highly processed, pro-inflammatory, low-nutrient foods can feed cancer cells causing them to proliferate. What’s the connection between high-sugar consumption and cancer? The regular cells found in our bodies are able to use fat for energy, but it’s believed that cancer cells cannot metabolically shift to use fat rather than glucose. (11)