Sports & Fitness

What is a weighted vest?

For professional or amateur athletes, a new accessory has been added to their collection: the weighted vest. It is a piece of equipment used to spice up workouts. Running or Crossfit, it allows to make a physical activity more intense…

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Doing fitness at home by buying the right equipment

Practicing sports is necessary for health and well-being. It can be practiced in the gym, on the field or even at home. Doing physical activities at home is possible, you just need to collect some good practical ideas to succeed….

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Why join a gym?

Have you finally decided to work out regularly? Even if many applications now allow you to exercise at home, there is no better place than the gym. It’s the best way to motivate yourself daily. So, why join a gym?…

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How to choose a weight bench?

The decision is made to practice a little sport. You have the strength that is also present to support the efforts required for regular workouts. There is nothing more comfortable than to stand on a weight bench for the various…

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