For professional or amateur athletes, a new accessory has been added to their collection: the weighted vest. It is a piece of equipment used to spice up workouts. Running or Crossfit, it allows to make a physical activity more intense and thus to surpass oneself. To get to this point, some interesting information is to be noted about this mysterious accessory that looks like a bulletproof vest.

A useful sports accessory to progress

The weighted vest is a kind of jacket with several pockets in which weights are hidden. In principle, it is used during body weight exercises such as pull-ups and dips. It is also used during weight training sessions, but also during crossfit or jogging. This equipment is quite practical, since the weights are stuck against the body. It is considered a simple and convenient technique to increase the weight to make an exercise more strenuous. Equipping yourself with a weight during your workouts has many advantages. However, certain precautions must be taken to avoid unnecessary injury. First and foremost, it is essential to perform the various movements properly. Because of the extra load, an athlete may have to make efforts that exceed his or her capabilities. In this case, the risk of injury is high. Consequently, it is useful to be more vigilant and concentrated than usual on the various executions.

Advantages that do not go unnoticed

One of the main advantages of using a weighted vest is to increase muscle strength and physical performance. The weight of the vest makes the exercise more intense and forces the body to adapt. This is similar to training on a machine where it is necessary to increase the load. Such a vest also makes it possible to distribute this load. It is possible to weight yourself with the help of a backpack filled with weights. However, the load will be concentrated more on this part of the body. Often, the athlete will tend to look for support on the back or to pull himself forward, which represents risks. With a weighted vest, the weight is perfectly distributed on the whole trunk for a better comfort and balance. The advantage of being equipped with weighted vests is also to have your hands free, which is extremely practical when undertaking pull-ups, for example. It is no longer necessary to carry dumbbells, a bar or a coach must be present for the execution of movements.

A sports equipment to choose with care

Two factors are important to consider when buying one or more weighted vests. Firstly, you need to know the weight corresponding to the needs of the athlete. Some types and models of vests are, in fact, proposed by the specialists according to the weight which can vary from 5 to 30 kilos approximately. It is therefore preferable to choose the one that is most suitable. When the athlete starts to progress, he will ask to increase the load. In this case, the vests whose weights can be changed are to be preferred. This way, it is no longer necessary to buy another heavier model to add more weight. In order to find the best product, some online sales sites are available to meet all requirements. Subsequently, the quality is also included in the selection criteria. If possible, it is recommended to try on the vest before buying. The vest should be comfortable and close enough to the body to allow freedom of movement. Poor quality vests should be avoided, especially when it comes to the stitching. If the seam is loose, the weights may fall out of the pockets and land on your feet.