When one wishes to engage in a sporting activity, the question systematically arises as to whether or not a medical certificate is required. More concretely, the compulsory character of this document depends essentially on the way in which one practices the sport. Here is an update on this subject.

Sports practice in schools

When practicing a sport in a school environment, the school can in no case require a medical certificate for the practice of compulsory PE (physical education and sport) classes. However, it may require a medical certificate of inaptitude (partial or total) from each student wishing to be exempted from these courses. In addition to the compulsory PE classes, a student (middle or high school) may also decide to take part in a sport activity that is considered optional. In this case, the student does not have to present a medical certificate as long as the sport he or she wishes to practice is not risky, i.e. does not require any particular safety requirements. On the other hand, a student wishing to renew or validate a license from a sports federation such as USEP, UNSS, UGSEL, is required to provide a medical certificate that is less than 12 months old. Of course, this document must include the words "fit for the practice of...", i.e. attesting to the absence of contraindications to the practice of the sport concerned.

Participation in a sports competition

When you are about to register for a sporting event organized by a federation approved by the Ministry of Sports, you are systematically required to provide a medical certificate, unless you already have a valid license for the desired sporting activity. Of course, this document, which must be less than 12 months old, must attest to the fact that no contraindication prevents the competitor from participating in the sport discipline in which he or she wishes to compete. For a competition organized by other organizers (association, town hall...), they can however require the presentation of a medical certificate.

Practicing sports within a sports structure (club, association, federation...)

When practicing a leisure sport within an association, a club, a federation, or any other sports structure, you are not legally obliged to present a medical certificate attesting to the inexistence of contraindications to the practice of the sports discipline concerned. Nevertheless, many structures that have taken out specific insurance require each participant to provide a medical certificate. It should be noted that if you already hold a valid leisure sports license, you do not have to submit a medical certificate to the organizer. On the other hand, if this license is no longer valid, the organizer requires the presentation of a medical certificate. N.B. If you are not affiliated to any sports federation or club, you must present a medical certificate to the organizer before participating in the events.