Even if it means getting severely injured and disgusted, there are many rules to follow when you're about to put on your sneakers again. Of course, getting back into sports is something that should never be taken lightly. That's why we will focus on the mistakes you should avoid.

Setting the bar too high in the first week of training

Ambition is indeed a good thing, but wanting to look like a professional athlete when you put on your sneakers for the first time in a while is a mistake that you should avoid at all costs. Thus, when you return to sport after a long break, you should never set the bar too high or you will put your body to a severe test. It is important in this case to set a simple and attainable goal. During this stage, the best thing to do is to ask for the support of a sports coach. Moreover, it is the person who is best placed to guide his client towards the objective that will certainly not tire his body quickly.


Whatever sport you choose, you must go slowly and avoid overtaxing your cardiovascular system and your muscles. When restarting, you must of course be able to talk during the effort, but also listen to your body. Moreover, you should also avoid training every day, even if you are highly motivated. Of course, when you start training again, you already think about coming back the next day, even if the first week of training is one of the hardest. The best thing to do is to plan 3 training sessions per week, which you can of course increase as your body and mind get used to them. Then, in your training program, you should think about taking a week of rest, for example every 2 or 3 weeks, during which you minimize the physical effort to leave room for pleasure, but also to give the body the time it needs to repair itself and to reconstitute its energy reserves.

Neglecting your diet

It is well known that nutrition and sport always go hand in hand. Whether or not you work out, when you want to get back to your old habits, you must eat a varied and balanced diet. One must adapt one's diet to the sport activity that one practices. For example, when you practice a sport that requires energy to be used quickly, i.e. over a limited period of time, you should focus on carbohydrates. For endurance sports, you should not neglect slow sugars (rice, pasta ...). During physical effort, it is important to keep sugar on hand.