Many people want to gain muscle mass for various reasons. The first motivation that pushes them to want to gain mass is always related to aesthetics. Having a well shaped body is everyone's dream. Some athletes want to gain mass simply to be stronger and more powerful. Others are interested in gaining muscle mass to increase their metabolism. Whatever the goal of mass gain, the procedure to achieve it is the same.

What is mass gain?

The goal of mass gain is to increase muscle volume without gaining fat. This is why those interested must be careful not to make a mistake and risk becoming fat rather than muscular. Gaining mass can mean gaining weight, but the difference lies in the fact that you want to increase your muscles. Before embarking on any technique, you must know your body. How does it work? It is important to prepare yourself beforehand, both physically and mentally, to avoid any risk of interruption that could affect your health. Thus, for the process to be effective and fast, it is necessary to follow a mass gain food program over a specific period.

Gain mass quickly by changing your diet

Diet plays an important role in gaining mass. That's why changing your eating habits helps speed up the process. First of all, it is advisable to eat healthy and regularly because in order to gain weight, it is obvious that you must also increase your daily caloric intake. It is no longer enough to be full at mealtime, as it is also necessary to have snacks during the day. Several foods should be prioritized, such as carbohydrates, which are known for their energy content. They should be consumed before the effort to avoid any risk of fat gain. As the muscles draw their energy from glycogen, it is important that the reserves are always full. It is also advisable to consume energy drinks. Taking vitamins and minerals is also essential to compensate for any nutrient losses caused by training. For great athletes, food supplements are also possible. Spirulina is the best known thanks to its richness in iron and several vitamins. Other nutritional supplements rich in creatine, omega 3 or hormone boosters that increase physical performance are also available. In addition, the consumption of alcohol during this period should be avoided because of its many harmful effects on the body

Protein: the key to rapid mass gain

Proteins are the first nutrients recommended for mass gain. If athletes do not consume enough protein, muscles take time to develop and increase in volume. This is why the daily consumption of proteins more than usual is necessary to build muscle, especially since the body requires much more to recover after long training sessions. Their benefits are explained by the presence of amino acids that are involved in the renewal of muscle cells. There are several foods rich in protein such as eggs, potatoes, wheat, milk, peas, soybeans but especially beef or fish. If you want to gain muscle mass quickly, there is nothing better than a large consumption of meat because it produces proteins of better quality that are already similar to those of the muscles. Vegetable proteins on the other hand have slower effects. Apart from those present in food, there are also different types of proteins designed in the form of capsules or powder like spirulina which contains 75%. It is easy to ingest and contains a sufficient amount of quality amino acids.

Rapid weight gain: training and lifestyle

To achieve rapid weight gain, training is mandatory but the mistake would be to train the wrong way. Not all training will lead to mass gain and the wrong training can have the opposite effect. Anyone who wants to work on their muscles and see the results of their efforts quickly must know how to train. Working out allows you to gain muscle quickly as long as you do it in a regular and progressive manner. Doing the same exercises for weeks on end is not relevant because each exercise must be more intense and last longer and longer as time goes by. It is also important to know how to diversify the series of exercises but not to be satisfied with just a few. Interchanging them as much as possible will accelerate weight gain. Even though training is an important process, recovery is also strongly recommended because overtraining can cause injuries or muscle tears. These can lead to a halt in the program and all efforts will be in vain. It is important to know when to stop and to limit training to 3 times a week. Sleep is also an essential element that contributes to the gain of mass because it allows a good recovery of the body and the reconstruction of the muscles. Finally, you must not neglect hydration. Drinking a lot of water helps the muscles to recover quickly.