Many factors are responsible for the increase in body fat. In fact, several solutions can be combined to lose fat. Love handles are among the most difficult parts to eliminate. This does not prevent it from being possible to reduce, or even make disappear, the fatty bulges on the sides. 

Take care of your diet

Diet is the primary cause of the appearance of fat in the body. If you eat more calories than you need, the rest will be stored as fat. You are probably wondering how to lose your love handles. The technique consists first and foremost in finding a careful diet. It is therefore important to know the calories you take in and to compare them with the calories you need in a day. By taking care of your diet, you contribute in a general way to lose weight all over your body. At the same time, you take care of your health. To do this, you can reduce the proportions of certain products in your dishes, remove them or replace them. This includes pastries, sweets, snacks, cold cuts, etc. Good doses of vegetables, fruits and fresh meat can satisfy your daily caloric needs. However, you should vary your diet and limit products with a high sugar content, such as bananas. Replace sodas with water and avoid snacking. The same goes for cooking fats, which should be removed from your menus.

Practice cardio sports activities

The best way to get rid of the fat stored in the body is to do sports. Indeed, physical efforts promote natural processes to burn calories and therefore dissipate fat. As the objective is to know how to lose love handles, cardio or endurance sport represents the most suitable practice. For example, there is jogging, swimming, skipping or cycling, etc.. In other words, these are sports activities that challenge the respiratory and vascular systems. Accessories such as a cardio watch can help you in your jogging activity, for example. It is not a question of training as if you were going to prepare a marathon. The key is to get started, get used to it and increase your performance. The difficulty lies in starting a session. However, a 30 to 45 minute run at a moderate speed is a good start to solving the problem of being overweight.

Strengthen your muscles

Through strength sports, you can burn fat and strengthen muscles at the same time. This is the case of the exercises of sheathing which support the elimination of bulges on the hips little by little and strengthen the muscles around the abdominal belt. Moreover, it is not imperative to go to a gym to do this. You can just move some furniture around your house to make room for the workouts. The harder and more developed your muscles are, the more difficult it will be for fat to settle and grow. There are no special sports or physical routines that can be used to target only the removal of love handles. On the other hand, exercises that work your oblique muscles are to be favored, such as with the series of sheathing and abdominal exercises. In addition, a desire to lose weight in general leads to the loss of your lifelines. It is essential to standardize muscle strengthening in order to have a better figure.

Reduce stress and stay active

New lifestyles are needed to be successful in losing love handles. Think about reducing stress and always being active. Anxiety only leads to laziness and inactivity, which leads to fat accumulation. Taking walks, yoga, hiking, etc. will complement your efforts to fight excess weight in the hips. It is therefore necessary that you have hobbies and pastimes that take you out of boredom and stress. There are many everyday situations that can help you shed unwanted pounds by staying active. One example is taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Instead of asking someone to make you a cup, do it yourself. Moving around, making physical efforts for different tasks will cause you to burn calories little by little. The combination of a careful diet, cardio and muscle strengthening is imperative to make love handles disappear. The more motivated you are and the sooner you start, the faster the results will be visible. You can weigh yourself, take your waistline or just look in the mirror to see the results.